Thursday, November 10, 2011

Acts 2:29-36 - Just follow Jesus: If only it were that easy!

Scripture: Acts 2:29-36
Summary:   Peter continues preaching: God raised Jesus up, exalting him, and Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit. God has made Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Messiah.

Thoughts: The scripture says that we should know with certainty that God made Jesus both Lord and Messiah. Jesus, the same guy that we crucified, is Lord and Messiah.  We use these words so often that perhaps we don't usually take time to think about what they mean. What does it mean that Jesus is my Lord and Messiah?  For me, this means that I give my life to Jesus Christ. That I stop thinking about myself and try to figure out where Jesus would have me go, what he would have me do.  We are called to follow Jesus. A call to follow Jesus doesn't mean getting the biggest house we can buy, or the fastest car, or the best clothes. Instead a call to follow Jesus, the Messiah, means taking the time to see where Jesus is leading us.  This is not an easy call.  I struggle each day with the temptation to follow my own path. But on a regular basis Jesus calls to me, reminding me that I must follow him, not find my own way. So as I struggle with finding a new job I have to continually remind myself that I am following my Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ. And if I let him, he will lead me to the place where I need to be.

Prayer: Lord, help me to follow Jesus; such a simple request, but so difficult to do. Amen.

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