Monday, June 18, 2012

Acts 5:12-16 - healed by a shadow?

Scripture: Acts 5:12-16

Summary: There were many signs and wonders done among the people by the apostles. The people held them in high esteem and many believers were added to the Lord. They carried the sick into the street in order that Peter's shadow might fall on them as he came by. Many from surrounding towns brought their sick and all were cured.

Thoughts: There are lots of references to great numbers in this scripture. Many signs and wonders, great numbers of believers added, and a great number of people from surrounding towns. And at the end of all of this, the scripture says "and they were all cured."  All of them were cured. Not just those who believed. Not just the lucky few who were noticed by the apostles. But all of them. To the point that even the sick people who laid in the shadow of an apostle were healed! This is an amazing story! And it's only a short story in many chapters of amazing stories in Acts. What if each of us believed as these people obviously did? What if we were willing to put ourselves out there like the apostles did? What miracles could we perform in the name of Jesus Christ? And so I find myself wondering, if Peter could heal people with his shadow, what can I do if I really put my mind to it?

Prayer: God of power and amazing miracles, help me to see the people in the shadows around me who need healing. Help me to use your power to change their lives by loving them as they are and lifting them up out of the shadows and into the sunlight. Amen.

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