Friday, May 2, 2008

Acts 16:6-10 - Taken where you do not want to go

Scripture: Acts 16:6-10

Summary: This scripture is about some of Paul's travels. He wants to go to several places that the Holy Spirit will not let him go. Then he has a vision of a man from Macedonia pleading for him to go there. Paul goes because he believes that God has called them to proclaim the good news to them.

Thoughts: God refuses to let Paul go to several places that he thinks he should go. And then God sends him somewhere he wasn't planning to go. What I like about this story is Paul's response. He doesn't seem to question what God is trying to tell him. When will I get to the point that I know for sure that it is God telling me where to go or not to go? How do I discern the source of the voice telling me that I need to go somewhere? Sometimes God's voice is very clear to me. Other times, it's not until I look back on the decision that I see God's hand in my choice. I long to be like Paul and have more certainty in my life. But, certainly, Paul wasn't always clear either. I need to learn to give it time and space.

Prayer: Please God, give me a better ability to discern your will in my life. I pray, as I do almost constantly, to be able to hear and see and feel your will for my life more closesly. Give me the quiet space to be able to discern more clearly. Amen.

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