Sunday, October 2, 2011

Acts 2:14-21 - Watching for the Holy Spirit

Scripture: Acts 2:14-21

Summary: After the Holy Spirit has descended upon Jesus' followers and they spoke in tongues, Peter preaches to the crowd who is assembled. He tells them that the disciples are not drunk but the Spirit is causing them to prophecy.

Thoughts:  When the observers heard the miracle of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit helps the followers to speak in multiple languages, the first thing they think is "Oh, they must be drunk!" Every time I read this scripture, I wonder why this is the case. Why is it so much easier for us to assume a negative cause for the outburst before we look for a positive cause? Why do we have so much trouble believing in miracles? It's easier for us to say that it was good luck that something happened, rather than thinking that perhaps God had a hand in the outcome.  In fact, I believe that the Holy Spirit is doing amazing things in my life on a daily basis. Sometimes I am just too limited to see it. I was just recently told that my currrent job would be ending in December. I have 3 more months in this youth ministry position. So I find myself needing to look for the presence of the Spirit in my daily life. I find myself in a dry spell, longing for the quenching waters of God's presence. There is so much more that I want to accomplish before I go, but I will have to be satisfied with what I can do in the time I have been given. Where do you need God's help in your life? Where has the Holy Spirit been working there?

Prayer: Come Holy Spirit, come. I have been ignoring your work in my life for too long. Please make your presence known to me. Amen.

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