Sunday, January 22, 2012

Acts 4:1-4 Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

Scripture: Acts 4:1-4

Summary:   While Peter and John were speaking to the people the people in charge came to them and were very annoyed because they were telling people that in Jesus there was resurrection of the dead. They arrested them and put them in jail. But many who heard the word believed, about 5000.

Thoughts: Telling people about Jesus is always risky. Today, in many parts of the world, Christians are thrown into jail for talking about Jesus. Even in the United States, we can get in trouble with those in charge for telling people about Jesus. Perhaps we won't be arrested, but we might get put in detention at school or be asked to leave a public space because we are creating a public nuisance. It's risky to share our beliefs. We have to ask ourselves if it is worth the risk. While we do this, we might want to look at the end of this scripture and see what resulted from Peter sharing about Jesus. It says "But many of those who heard the word believed; and they numbered about five thousand." We may not convert 5000 people at a time, but if one person hears and believes, it will have been worth it. Christ asks us to make disciples, not thousands at a time, but one at a time. You may never know who heard you and believed. It may be 20 years later before they turn and follow Christ. We have to let God use us and trust that God will use the results to further the kingdom of God.

Prayer: God, give me the courage to share the Jesus that I know with others. It's not fair to keep him to myself! Amen.

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