Thursday, December 13, 2007

Luke 1:18-20 - Nagging questions

Scripture: Luke 1:18-20

Summary: This scripture occurs right after an angel tells Zechariah that his wife, Elizabeth, will bear a son (John the baptist). Zechariah asks how he will know this is so because he is old. The angel says that because he didn't believe, he will be mute until the birth.

Thoughts: Zecharaiah hears the nagging question. How does he know what the angel said is true? He's probably wondering how he even knows that the angel is real and not a dream! We have many of the same questions in our lives. How do we know that Jesus Christ was a real person and was really raised from the dead? How do we know what God is calling us to do in our lives? I felt a call from God in my life about 7 years ago into full-time ministry. Now that I am reaching the end of my seminary education, I am struggling again with that call. Exactly how will that call play out? Exactly what kind of ministry does God want me to do? If I go to work for church A, will that limit my options in the future? I'm not sure. But in the end, I have to trust God to lead me in the right direction. Often God eliminates the wrong choices for me by not making them available. God provides for us in wonderful ways. I just need to learn to listen for God in my life and to trust God more fully.

Prayer: Give me grace dear God, to live with my questions until you are pleased to make my way clear. Amen.

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Kevin Burns said...

WOW!! Soooo... will God make me mute if I raise any questions? :) I like the way you put the phrase - "nagging question" in this scenario. I think that these questions can be very, very natural. However, as a part of our listening for God, we must continually be examining ourselves in discernment... that "good fruit" nagging question should be hitting us... are we bearing good fruit in following "God's call"? Should we not pay closer attention to some other "nagging" inclinations if our answer is no?

Get ready there missy... Pastor Kev is reading your blog NOW!! :) And I think the Psalms would be just fine! :)