Monday, September 27, 2010

James 1:12-16 - Temptation

Scripture: James 1:12-16

Summary: God doesn't tempt us. We are tempted by our own desire.

Thoughts: I have a problem with the Devil. I don't mean that the Devil tempts me daily, rather I have a problem believing that the Devil exists. For me, it is a cop out to say that I am tempted by the Devil. It feels like I'm not owning that the temptation come from within me. Please don't get me wrong and send hate mail trying to convince me that there is a devil. There might be. I don't know. All I'm saying is that I need to own my own temptation. It's my own desires that tempt me, not some being external to me. If I can own that it is my desires, I can then more easily own the response to that. It becomes my responsibility to deal with that desire. This scripture says that God doesn't tempt us, that our own desires tempt us. And that desire leads to sin. So rather than blaming God or the Devil for our desires, we should be asking God to help us control our desires.

Prayer: God our redeemer, help me to control my response to the desires that tempt me, for some of them seem bigger than me. Amen.

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