Monday, October 11, 2010

James 3:1-2 - teaching

Scripture: James 3:1-2

Summary: We who teach will be judged with greater strictness. Everyone makes mistakes

Thoughts: Those of us that teach, whether it's those who teach every day in school or those who teach in Sunday school, have an incredible responsibility.  Although we like to think that they aren't listening to us, they are picking up far more than we give them credit for. The tricky part is not usually in what we prepare for the lesson.  It's pretty easy to filter that information to make sure it's suitable to be taught.  The problem is in the stuff outside of the lesson.  We also teach by our actions and our casual words. Am I always careful about what I say when my students are near? Do I show them by my actions that they are all important, that they are all loved by me? Or do I play favorites? Do I take part in the gossip that is flying around the room before class starts?  When this scripture says that teachers will be judged with greater strictness, I hear a reminder to be careful at all times to make sure that my actions match my words.  To be certain that the love of God shows through in everything that I do. Because the most important lesson I have to teach is not what is in the lesson plan. It's what is in my heart.

Prayer: Lord shine through me. Let those that I attempt to teach get some small idea of your love through the love that I show them. Amen.

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