Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mark 8:14-21 - Eating the bread of anxious toil

Scripture: Mark 8:14-21

Summary: Jesus and the disciples are getting into the boat and they realize that they only have 1 loaf of bread. The disciples are worried about this but Jesus reminds him of how much bread remained when he fed the 2 large crowds with only a few loaves.

Thoughts: We spend alot of our lives being anxious. Anxious about tests or papers at school, anxious about deadlines or problems at work, anxious about relationships, anxious about eating. When we fill our lives with activities we often grow anxious. But Jesus reminds the disciples that he has fed them in the past and he will feed them in the future. God cares for every creature that exists. We can trust God to provide for us. As Rueben Job says "Peace, hope, calm, and joy are the fruits of placing our confidence in God" What are we waiting for?!

Prayer: The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Help me to remember today God, that you are always providing for me so that I might rest in the comfort of your care. Amen.

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