Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Romans 14:10-12 - When all is said and done

Scripture: Romans 14:10-12

Summary: Why do you pass judgement on others? Because we will all stand before God's judgement. God says everyone shall give praise to God. We will each be accountable to God.

Thoughts: It's easy to say that many of us spend way to much time judging other people. I can point out alot of times when I have seen others judging those around them in an unfair way. But then I look in the mirror. That's a hard thing! Because I'm judging other people too! What makes me think I am any better than they are? Wouldn't I be better off if I concentrated on improving my own life, rather than telling other people how they could improve theirs? I'm not saying we should never give advice to a sister or brother who might be treading a path that is less than optimal. Rather I'm saying lperhaps I should back off of the judging, the talking about others behind their backs, and spend that time looking at my own life more closely.

Prayer: God, help me to move on toward perfection. Help me to concentrate on my own shortcomings and how I might improve them. Rather than judging others, I should focus on helping them instead. Amen.

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