Thursday, August 30, 2007

Luke 5:27-32 - Repentence

Scripture: Luke 5:27-32

Summary: Jesus sees Levi, a tax collector, collecting taxes, and he tells Levi to follow him. Then Levi throws a big banquet for Jesus and the Pharisees complain because Jesus eats with sinners. Jesus tells them that those who are well don't need a physician, but the sick do.

Thoughts: Jesus tells the Pharisees "I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance." It's so easy when I read this scripture to look down on the tax collectors and the Pharisees. The tax collectors in Jesus' time were usually crooks. They collected more tax than was required and kept the difference. So I'm obviously better than them because I don't steal from people.... or do I? I know that I have left the grocery store before with a 12-pack of Cokes that I didn't pay for because neither the clerk nor I saw them under the cart. But it was too much trouble to go back in and pay for them. After all, I reasoned, I wasn't the only one who missed them! But I'm definitely better than the Pharisees because I don't look down on preachers who eat with sinners... or do I? Perhaps I am no better than the sinners in this story, both the tax collectors and the Pharisees. I am in need of repentance too!

Prayer: Forgiving God, help me to admit to my own sin and repent of it. For I know that I am no better than those around me, no matter what I might think on some days! Amen.

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