Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Matthew 9:2-8 - Who is this who forgives sinners?

Scripture: Matthew 9:2-8

Summary: Jesus sees a paralyzed man and tells him his sins are forgiven. The scribes think he is blasphemous, so he asks them if it is easier to forgive his sins or tell him to walk? Then he tells tells the man to walk and he does.

Thoughts: Verse 8 says that the crowds were filled with awe and they glorified God. What were the people in awe about? That Jesus had forgiven sins or that he had healed the man? Both are wonderful events to have heard or seen. I imagine that they were awed about the healing. Because how would they have known that his sins were really forgiven? How much more impact the physical had on the crowd than the spiritual. But what is the most important thing that this man gained that day?

Prayer: Forgiving and healing God, you alone know what I need more than anything else. You alone can forgive my sins and help me to change my life. For it is only by your grace that I am saved from my sins. It is only by your touch that I am really healed, both inside and out. Amen.

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