Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Matthew 9:18-26 - Do you want to get well?

Scripture: Matthew 9:18-26

Summary: There are 2 healing stories here. One is of the leader whose daughter had died, who comes to get Jesus knowing that if he will touch her she will live. The other is the hemorrhaging woman who touches his cloak and is made well.

Thoughts: In both of these stories, there is obviously faith in what Jesus can do. The woman knows that if she can just touch Jesus he will make her well. And more impressive, the father believes that if Jesus touches his dead daughter, she will live again! What faith these people have! If we could have faith like that imagine what healing Jesus could do in our lives. Most of us have many areas of our lives in which we need healing. But we need to face our wounds and want healing before the healing can occur.

Prayer: All things are possible with God. Help me to show my wounds to you, oh God, so that they might be healed. Amen.

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