Monday, August 13, 2007

Luke 7:36-50 - Who is this who forgives sinners?

Scripture: Luke 7:36-50

Summary: This is the story of the woman who is a sinner, who bathes Jesus' feet with her tears and wipes them with her hair. He tells her her sins are forgiven, that her faith has saved her, to go in peace.

Thoughts: Only God can forgive our sins. Only God can wipe away all the failures and mistakes in our lives. How shocking it must have been for the righteous people that Jesus was having dinner with, for Jesus to forgive the sins of this woman. This must have really gotten them thinking about who he was. I am pretty certain that if I had been lucky enough to have known Jesus, I would probably not have been able to accept the fact that he was God. Especially if I had known him for long, seeing him eat and sleep like any other human being. Even today, 2000 years after he lived, it is difficult to imagine what he must have been like. But it is only through him that we can get a glimpse of who God is and what is possible with God. So perhaps as we remember the example of Jesus and the message he brought us, we too can live our lives as God wants us to.

Prayer: God, I know that it is only you who can forgive my sins, who can help me turn around and see your path more clearly. Thank you for the gift of Jesus who helps me, in my limited way, see what is possible with your grace. Amen.

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